A warm welcome to Firle Church of England Primary School


The beautiful village of Firle is nestled at the foot of Firle Beacon in the South Downs. Firle is Anglo-Saxon for "oak - covered land", and in 1496 it became the site of Firle Place, seat of the Gage family, Norman barons who came over with William the Conqueror in 1066.

Firle Place is still home to the Gages, and the village is also home to a popular pub, shop, several businesses and our school.

Our School

Ours is a small Church of England primary school, which has been educating children since 1845. Housed in the original building shown above, with mobile classrooms, the school has extensive grounds and access to a local Nature Reserve, allotments and the South Downs. Dedicated staff, supportive parents, a vibrant community and, of course, fantastic children combine to make ours a successful school and enable us to implement our philosophy.

We are a small family orientated school nestling at the base of the South Downs near Lewes.

We pride ourselves in providing an outstanding learning experience where the children feel safe, respected, happy and are at the heart of everything we do.

We offer an exciting, creative and irresistible curriculum based on Christian values which embraces local opportunities and treasures. We have a great staff team who are dedicated to all our children achieving their true potential.

We believe in creating a learning community where the whole child develops a confidence and thirst for lifelong learning. We have high aspirations for all our children and believe in an ever changing world attributes of self confidence, independence, problem solving, resilience and collaboration are key skills to be fostered.

We continually strive to ensure good communication and are committed to working in partnership with all our families.

It is a fabulous school – with its greatest asset being the children who are highly motivated, enthusiastic and really involved in their learning.

We hope you have enjoyed exploring our website and warmly invite you to come and visit our lovely school soon.

Values & Ethos

Achieve, believe, celebrate
the building blocks for a successful future

At Firle Church of England Primary school we aim to:


  • Achieve our full potential
  • Learn and grow together
  • Try our hardest in all in that we do
  • Have high aspirations and follow our dreams
  • Foster a love of learning
  • Develop a community of lifelong learners
  • To create a safe, caring and stimulating school environment


  • Believe in ourselves and others
  • Happy, friendly, inclusive family atmosphere
  • Developing spiritual awareness and a belief in God
  • Our school is at the heart of the community
  • Everyone feeling valued, respected and cared for
  • A creative, inspiring, skills based irresistible curriculum
  • Developing emotionally aware individuals who are confident at communicating
  • Developing life skills of resilience, problem solving, determination and self-worth


  • Celebrate, value and understand ours and other cultures and enjoy their traditions
  • Celebrate, embrace and respect similarities and differences.
  • Celebrate and delight in personal, group and school successRecognise the importance and contributions of others
  • Celebrate and look after our beautiful school, village, country and the world