French is the modern foreign language option at Firle Primary School in line with the new government curriculum. MFL is statutory in KS2 and lessons will be taught in half termly blocks in Year 5/6 and in three week blocks starting in Spring for year 3/ 4.

Ongoing basics: Greetings and presentation, numbers, colours, days, months, my family, school

Children will work on being able to make a simple presentation of themselves with higher expectations each year.

Year A

Year B

Where do You live? Town and country : Children can talk about where they live and the differences between town and countryside, looking at French towns and landscapes.

Body and clothes: Children can describe themselves and others, looking at French people and fashions.

Weather and places: Ask and answer questions about the weather.

What do you like to do? Hobbies: Children can communicate the hobbies they like.

Food and shopping: names for different types of shop in French, money, children can perform simple role plays around shopping trips and ordering food in cafes and restaurants

Year 3/4

Year 5/6



French: review of previous knowledge and deepening of understanding. Children will also do a weekly French DEAR reading session.

Autumn 2



Spring 1

3 weeks French

3 weeks music

French: Body and clothes

Spring 2

3 weeks French

2 weeks music


Summer 1

3 weeks French

4 weeks music

French: Food and shopping

Summer 2

3 weeks French

3 weeks music